"I came to Karen before a scheduled gallbladder removal... She asked me to consider postponing this surgery. I was skeptical but was willing to give her work a chance... I went through approximately 6 months of intensive emotional and physical healing to resolve deep-seated anger issues that I didn't even know I had... Thanks to Karen's work with me, I no longer need to have my gallbladder removed."
~ SD - Wife

"Six years ago I was very ill and came to Karen with a central nervous injury that restricted the left side of my body... I must admit that I was unbelieving that so light a touch could change any of the problems I was having... After my first session, I immediately felt lighter and at peace. I went home and performed a simple task that I was not able to do previously... I had the use of both arms again... This was such a dramatic change that I will never doubt the body and spirit work that Karen has been gifted with... She has created an environment for those who are seeking some form of spiritual guidance and is very serious about her work but retains a sense of humor about life... Karen has remained very supportive, even when working with those who are not yetready to receive the gifts she is blessing them with."
~ AS - Professional Artist

"Two Years ago I enrolled in Karen's shamanic healing apprenticeship and was immediately drawn to the spiritual depth and purity of truth in her work... It did not take me long to realize that spirit flows through her and she in turn reveals spirit's wisdom... I started coming to Karen for healing work, and began to undergo this transformational healing process... There were times when I left feeling very uncomfortable with myself.... Truth can do this...Accepting the truth can be and was a very painful process... In many ways I've had to relearn everything I thought I knew and make many changes within myself... I regret nothing I went through... My life has changed drastically within the past two years. I am completely committed and dedicated to my spiritual growth and healing..."
~ NB - Business Owner/Mother

"In spite of my holistic lifestyle something was missing... There was nothing wrong with me physically but I felt clogged, dense, and opaque inside. Something was draining my energy... In my relationships there were brick walls I could not see through... Karen's healing work has helped me to become progressively clearer in all aspects of my being (emotionally, physically and spiritually). The obscuring walls within my relationships have become transparent. I can now speak my Own Truth; my soft light voice has acquired volume and authority... Increasingly, emotions flow freely instead of being suppressed... I have healed and let go of many old wounds. I feel clearer and lighter. And the process continues."
~ JG - Scientist

"The healing energy was working for three days afterwards. It was pretty deep and lots moved... I am different energetically in a subtle way. My daughter looked at me the next day and told me I looked different. Thank you! The session was different than any energy work I had ever had done to me. Usually it feels good while it is being done. It did not feel good this time... From the start stuff was moving around that did not feel good and needed release."
~ CL - Healing Practitioner

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