Aura imaging is based on the research of Kirlian photography and detects the subtle energy that surrounds all living beings. It is believed that an illness can be seen in the aura before it takes hold of the body; therefore, aura imaging may be a vital tool for the future.

The following photographs were taken before and 6 months after beginning a daily TaeEulJu mantra meditation practice along with wearing the BioShield EMF Protection Pendant.

Aura before TaeEulJu healing meditation.

Before TaeEulJu.

Aura 6 months after practicing TaeEulJu healing meditation.

6 Months Later.

The first photograph on the left reflects and unbalanced aura due to a childhood injury that no other spiritual practice or body work modality had healed. The second photograph on the right reflects a balanced aura that is still evolving and becoming stronger.

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and there can be no doubt, the second photograph on the right reflects the power of incorporating a serious spiritual healing discipline into our daily lives.

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