Deadly modern diseases and afflictions such as heart attacks, cancer and AIDS, all have their origins in malfunctioning spirituality. Of course, they are due to certain viruses that attack our internal physical organs. However, our bodies when functioning properly are capable of resisting most diseases. Blocked arteries directly cause heart attacks. Yet modern science reveals that high levels of stress, due to increased pressure in our modern lifestyle brings about high blood pressure which in turn causes a blocked artery. Prolonged headaches and blood-shot eyes are symptoms of stress, which builds up excessive 'fire' energy in the upper part of the head.

TaeEulJU pronounced (tae-eul-ju) effectively circulates spiritual energy within our bodies by bringing water energy up from the bottom of our stomach to our head. The water energy cleanses our body and soul by leading the white blood cells into the blood stream killing off the unnecessary cells and viruses. The water energy is the spiritual eye of the white blood cells. If one does not awaken this water energy and circulate it within one's body through proper exercises and meditation then the white blood cells do not function properly. It is the water energy that cleanses one's body and soul. We bathe our physical body daily, and yet most of us neglect to cleanse our internal body.

The fire energy, which directs the red blood cells provides the necessary energy to nurture our body. Indiscriminate and excessive nurturing not only causes heart attacks but also cancer as well. A blocked artery is due to nurturing the protein cells within the blood stream instead of cleansing them. Cancer is caused by nurturing tumor cells. Instead of destroying the tumors with the white blood cells the individual's un awakened spirit mistakenly thinks that the tumor cells are injured cells that need to be nurtured. Thus the excessive fire energy sends the red blood cells to the tumor cells and allows them to grow and multiply by nurturing them. A properly functioning body requires the awakened spiritual eye to channel the water energy to cleanse and kill off the viruses in us.

AIDS is caused by the total destruction of the water energy. Once the water energy dries up in an individual the white blood cells cannot function at all. The body's immune system which fights bacteria breaks down as one's will to live breaks down. The individual's body will dry and wither away just like the falling leaves in autumn. This is why AIDS patients have discolored bodies like the autumn leaves. Once the water energy is depleted it cannot be brought back for that person. Fallen leaves cannot be reattached to a tree.

However for some HIV positive patients and for some AIDS patients whose water energies have not yet been completely depleted the constant chanting of TaeEulJu with a determined will to overcome the disease can effectively stop the total breakdown of the immune system. It is important for us to cleanse our body and soul daily and the TaeEulJu Mantra Meditation is a powerful way of doing this. For additional information see Blog article: What Is Chi Energy?

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