TaeEulJu (pronounced: tae-eul-ju) mantra meditation and TaiChi moving meditation exercise are spiritual healing practices used for over a hundred years in Korea. Mantras are tools used to focus the mind. The words or sounds of a mantra chant usually contain the concentrated energy of the universe. By continuously repeating such sounds (either silently or audibly) one may receive the energy from the Origins of the Universe and achieve enlightenment.

TaeEulJu Mantra Meditation Training

TaeEulJu Mantra Meditation Practitioner TaeEulJu utilizes 16 healing sounds corresponding to the chakra and meridian system. Some of the sounds are repeated during the mantra for a total of 23 sounds. In essence the healing sounds mean: "To be returning to the Origin," whether it is the origins of yourself or the origins of the Universe.

Individuals will undergo a simple purification process to clear negative thoughts and feelings that have remained in the body. This process serves to attune and align an individual to the higher spiritual realms. After the purification process, you will be taught how to use the sounds of the TaeEulJu as a mantra meditation. Once attuned, the healing sounds will be anchored. The more the mantra meditation is practiced the stronger the flow of Chi energy within becomes.

Some Health Benefits Include:

TaeEulJu Sound Healing Training

After the meditation instruction, individuals will learn how to use and direct the Chi energy with the sounds of TaeEulJu to heal themselves and others

TaeEulJu is an off body healing system that works through the energy field. It enhances any other modality including conventional allopathic medicine.

TaeEulJu Healing Teaches: TaeEulJu sound healing practitioner

How to detect toxic energy in the body, how to take toxic energy out of the body and how to direct the TaeEulJu sounds to put life-giving energy into the body.

TaeEulJu Mantra Meditation & Sound Healing Training: $200.00

Location: Frog Hollow Studio

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