RS - Pennsylvania - "In 1976, my thigh bone was broken in half and a pin now holds the bone together... Around the time I came in to learn the TaeEulJu, the pain had become intense but ever since this time the pain is gone. I have been aware of a sensation that reminds me that there used to be pain but it does not register as pain. I think it's pretty amazing and often wonder if the pain will return but so far it hasn't."

SR - Pennsylvania - "There was a feeling that something wasn't quite right. I had nothing physically wrong with me but suffered from low energy and mood swings. After a couple of weeks of doing the TaeEulJu meditation, I noticed that I was sleeping less, had more energy, was happier and felt better than I had felt in quite some time. This work is powerful and my animals have even responded to it!"

CT - New York - "Within minutes after arriving at the hospital, my husband lapsed into a coma that lasted two weeks. After two months he was released from the hospital, somewhat recovered physically but had sustained damage to his short term memory. He could not remember his name, address, phone number, age, or what country he was living in, etc.. Hospital doctors, his private physician and second opinion specialists, all sang the same tune, titled - nothing can be done. On November 5, 1995, Zephnaiah received TaeEulJu healing and immediately regained his memory."

RJ - California - "Before I began the TaeEulJu meditation, I had a benign breast tumor about one inch in diameter. After three days of TaeEulJu meditation and receiving the healing, my tumor completely disappeared. It felt as if my energy was being purified and transformed."

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