The study of Reiki healing currently has two distinct streams. The traditional ways in Japan taught three degrees or levels of Reiki classes.

Like most all spiritual healing systems, Reiki also subscribed to the premise that an individual's abilities to do hands-on healing was an automatic by-product of deeper spiritual accomplishments, so more emphasis was placed on cultivating, developing and nourishing the internal spiritual energy system of a Reiki practitioner. It was common for Reiki students to spend years, not days, weeks or months working at one degree before moving to the next. However, learning the mechanics of healing is more of a priority in our Western culture. Therefore, more emphasis has been placed on feeding our logical/analytical left brains with information in order to help us understand our spiritual intuitive/feeling right brain nature.

Essentially, the path or method for all spiritual healing channels in any culture or modality only requires us to strive continuously to master healing the self so that we are able to receive and transmit greater amounts of Spiritual (Universal) life force energy for others. An increase in healing abilities is an automatic gift to anyone that walks this path to reach higher levels of spiritual understanding, and consciousness.

In addition to learning the mechanics of healing, Universal Healing Systems (UHS) Reiki training combines some essential spiritual elements for the personal growth and development of the Reiki practitioner.

Note: There are many types of spiritual healing channels - just as there are many types of cars to buy. Since styles of teaching do vary, it is highly recommended that interested individuals put a prayer up there and interview at least three Reiki Master Teachers to locate the person or people to best meet their needs. Additionally, it is important to select a teacher that you will remain with throughout the entire Reiki training process. Review classes may be required in order to undergo training with a new Reiki master teacher.

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