The first degree Reiki 1 attunement serves to open energy pathways within the body that will enable individuals to channel the Reiki energy. It also activates a healing process to cleanse and open the body, mind, and emotions. Once attuned, you are attuned for life. An individual does not need to be an active Reiki practitioner to benefit from this process, as it also serves to increase spiritual development.

In addition to the attunement, Reiki 1 teaches basic healing principles and procedures that include internal energy and intuitive development exercises, introduction to the human anatomy systems, along with the hand positions for treating self and others.

Contribution: $400.00. Includes manual, and continued follow-up work. Reiki level 1 certificate awarded after requirements are met.

Students will receive specific instructions prior to the class. After the first Reiki attunement, there is a requested waiting period of at least three months before proceeding to Reiki 2 - Second Degree Training.

Note: It is strongly recommended that individuals bypass, or limit all reading concerning the subject of Reiki healing, as this can be done later. This is a spiritual healing system that is based on establishing a personal relationship with the Source from where the Reiki energy flows.

Reiki Level 1 Review

Students that have received their training from another source must present a copy of their Reiki level 1 certification in order to review.

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