The second degree Reiki 2 attunement serves to increase the power and flow of the Reiki healing energy. The focus of level 2 is learning three ancient Reiki symbols that serve as tools to deal with specific energies. These symbols perpetuate getting to the root of mental, emotional and addictive behavior patterns along with enabling a practitioner to send Reiki energy to anyone regardless of location.

Contribution: $500.00. Includes manual, and continued follow-up work. Reiki Level 2 certificate awarded once requirements are met.

Students will receive specific instructions prior to class. After the second degree attunement, there is a requested waiting period before proceeding to Reiki 3 - Third Degree Training.

Reiki Level 2 Review

Students that have received their training from another source must present a copy of their Reiki certificate (s). Additionally, we will need to discuss your previous training. Students may be required to review Reiki 1 - First Degree Training before it is possible to enroll for the first time or review Reiki 2.

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