"We have a tendency to forget how much we owe the Creator. We seem to forget about him when the sun shines in our lives. We forget until the dark times come and then we say, 'Please help me'." ~ Bear Heart

Through An Exploration of a Prayer we gain a better understanding concerning the very nature of prayer and how we may want to structure them. When we approach the spiritual realms that govern our universe with a request we must surrender our fears, doubts, selfishness and all attachments to outcome. We must trust that everything is happening for a reason and is serving the "greatest good" even though we may not yet be able to understand how this could be. We must also trust that this infinite wisdom is handling the details for the requests we have made and begin to pay very close attention to discovering the messages that each situation is bringing to us.

When we pray for ourselves and/or another we must understand that we are asking for healing so that they and/or we may better serve the whole, and we must trust that there is always a Blessing In No.

Mindful thoughts and healing prayers are the greatest gifts that we can give to one another. Changes will occur when one is ready to allow them. If you wish, you may E-mail your prayer request. We will need to know the individual's name, location and the nature of the condition (mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual). If this request is for someone other than yourself, it is best to have their permission for optimum results.

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