Divine power is everywhere in the universe waiting for us to draw upon. The importance of spiritual ceremonies has been demonstrated by every culture and with most every religion. For many indigenous cultures, ceremony is not just a journey for the self but is for all mankind - for all people. It serves as a vehicle to help us break free from the misconceptions that influence our lives - to transcend the limitations of who we think we are, so that we may become one with the ever changing flow of the universe.

Incorporating spiritual ceremony into our daily lives is essential for our own personal healing, the healing of others and the healing of our planet. It is only through our authentic nature that we are able to see our world and ourselves in a new and different way. In this sacred space, we learn to become more of who we really are, and everything outside the self becomes less important. We begin to recognize that as we transform and heal ourselves, we ultimately serve to transform and heal our planet. With each step that we take forward, we bring all mankind closer to the realization of a divine state of being.

Rites of Passage Work - Training Overview

This spiritual ceremonial practice work is designed to carry you through a doorway into the deep inner realms of the self where one comes face to face with the known and unknown aspects of their being. Disciplining the body and concentrating the mind teaches us patience, enabling us to experience different and deeper levels within the self. With dedication, inner balance is restored. We align with our true essence and learn how to open our hearts and listen to the innate wisdom within, which enables us to move beyond our limitations. As we re-member with the divine essence at the center of our being, spiritual power begins to flow more freely through us, and we become a witness to the transformation that occurs in all aspects of our human experiences. It is through giving back some of the energy we constantly receive that we are gifted Rites of Passage into the higher spiritual realms.

In addition to learning how to create a ceremonial space, individuals will learn some spiritual shamanic practices that will lead them on a sacred journey to find, develop, and use their spiritual gifts.

Note: This training is for those who are seriously committed to developing, strengthening and deepening their working relationship and communion with the spiritual realms. You will need to have one to two hours of uninterrupted time per day to devote to this practice work.

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