Rites of Passage - Level One

Authentic spiritual power usually occurs after some form of a death and rebirth process. Symbolically, death represents an ending of the old - it is surrendering all that is no longer necessary for our growth so that we may begin again.

The focal points of this first doorway provide a solid foundation on which to build. Through personal ceremonial work, this journey will lead you through a self-healing purification process to reveal deeper levels of self-awareness. Various mind, body, and spirit disciplines will be shared. With ongoing use these practices will help to establish a balance within and strengthen your connection to the spiritual realms. Ultimately, this doorway serves as an opening for shifting perceptions and changing unhealthy blocked energy patterns that clog the pipes (channels) to the spiritual realms

Basically, the energy medicine principles taught serve to provide a greater understanding for the mind within the body. You will learn how to decipher some emotional codes through physical symptoms, the chakra, and meridian systems that will be used for your own personal healing and then healing others.

Contribution: $650.00. Includes manual.


Shamanic Healing & Energy Medicine - Level Two

We travel deeper into accessing the sacred realms of energetic healing through an exploration of the cyclical nature of the universe and additional systems for accessing the nonphysical spiritual energy, wisdom, and guidance available to us. We will learn ways to enhance our sacred healing space, prepare for hands-on application for others, cleanse, clear and work in the auric field, incorporate breath, sacred sounds and light therapy. We will also be shown some ancient ways to activate, program, use, feed and cleanse healing stones and other sacred healing instruments.

Contribution: $550.00. Includes Manual.


Sacred Reflections - Level Three

There are many voices in nature that require our full attention and reverence. These sacred voices bring us great teachings of wholeness, healing and wisdom. We will journey outdoors with nature and play with a series of exercises designed to refine our listening skills so that we may walk through doorways to worlds of medicine and knowledge. As we awaken more to the origins of our Earth Mother, we come away with a deeper level of understanding that all of life is a sacred reflection.

Contribution: $400.00

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