About Karen Scheel

Karen Scheel

Karen Scheel, CST, CMP, RMT serves as a guide, combining ancient healing wisdom with modern day practices to help others awaken more to the spiritual teacher and healer within. Her work inspires changes in consciousness and has been of value to many individuals from all walks of life.

From 1991 until 2018, Karen maintained a private integrative healing practice for both humans and animals at Frog Hollow in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. Due to ongoing requests for healing instruction, she began facilitating energy healing workshops for the beginner and other related programs in 1992.

Her training in more traditionally oriented modalities: (psychology, craniosacral therapy, massage therapy, shiatsu, reiki, macrobiotics, yoga, and meditation) did not allow for the full transformational healing experience. As a result, her journey continued to lead her deeper into the heart of Asian, Native American and shamanic healing practices, having worked with medicine people in the U.S. and abroad. From these experiences, her Universal Healing Systems Shamanic Healing & Energy Medicine training program emerged.

In addition to her private healing and teaching practice, she has worked with medical students, lectured, and taught at respected universities and church groups.

Karen is currently residing in the Palm Beach County, Florida area. Please use the Contact form to get in touch with her if you are interested in doing some work with her.

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