Simple Cleansing Ceremony for Negative Energies

White Sage Smoke

Throughout the years I have received numerous emails from folks requesting help to clear negative energies or entities from their space. The last request inspired me to post some instructions for those that are finding my website. The following ceremony is a variation of one that I use when doing space clearing and blessing ceremonies for homes, offices, and land. It has been quite an effective treatment with various types of spirit energies and entities.

White Sage Cleansing Ceremony

  1. Basic tools needed: White sage and heat resistant container just for this herb.
  2. Duration: 7 consecutive days or longer if needed.

1. Begin in the center of the lowest room in your space. If one floor then begin in the center of that one-floor space (does not have to be exact.) Honor and give thanks to the white sage herb for its purification and healing gifts before you light it.

2. Hold your hands over the smoke and try to feel the bathing energy the white sage is sending into them. Cleanse your body with the smoke from this herb (front and back.) You can use the container and move it around and over your body to give yourself a smoke bath. After you have cleaned your body, hold your hands over the smoke for a few minutes again and try to feel this herb's healing and cleansing energy. When you feel ready, bring the smoke with your hands into your heart and give thanks for healing to take place there. Then bring the smoke up to your eyes and give thanks for healing and seeing clearly - your ears for healing and hearing clearly - your mind for healing and thinking clearly.

3. Go to the south corner or wall of your space and work clockwise. Offer the smoke up to the 4 directions (south, west, east and north.) Speak from your heart and ask each direction for help. Come to the center of the room and push smoke down to Mother Earth and ask for her strength and support. Stand and hold the container over your head to offer smoke up to the Creator (God) and thank him/her for his/her blessing. Invoke your healing spirit guides to come to assist along with anyone you want there with you. Feel the presence of these powerful spiritual energies there to support you and if you can not feel them then just trust that they are there.

4. Go back to the south corner or wall and work clockwise throughout your entire space - basement, first floor, second floor, and attic. Include all closets and all drawers (negative energies like to hide out here.) If there is a particular room that the energy or entity seems to be more present in than any others and if there is a door then close the door to this room after you have done the cleansing ceremony. Also, keep the door to your bedroom closed. However, if the energy or entity is in your bedroom then sleep in another room until your space is cleared.

5. Use this mantra and speak these words out loud as you cleanse your space, "Only the vibration of love and light can be here." Invoke a powerful deity from the higher spiritual realms to assist and use his or her name in your mantra. Example: In the name of Jesus, only the vibration of love and light can be here."

6. Feel his or her power coming through the words you are speaking out loud. Do what you what you feel called to do when doing this ceremony. Depending on the type of energy or entity, you may feel an urge to shout the mantra words which you should do.

Note: if dealing with forceful spirit energies and if you have little or no experience working in these realms then do not under any circumstance engage this spirit energy via fear or doubt. Remain focused on the protective spiritual power you have invoked. Trust that these spiritual forces will handle the details - you are just an instrument.

7. After you have finished, give thanks to all that you called upon and release them.