Stretch The Mind-Body Flex The Soul

Spiritual Tune-up Practices eBook

eBook Cover - Stretch the Mind-Body Flex the Soul Spiritual Tune-up practices

"This is everything in a nutshell!" ~ Jenny R.

Stretch The Mind-Body Flex The Soul is a practical guide integrating a variety of universal healing systems self help tools that have withstood the tests of time. Through a step-by-step process in the privacy of your own home, you will learn how to relax the mind-body, reduce stress, decipher your body’s psychological and emotional language to improve your health, enhance your personal development and spiritual life. Due to the nature of this work, additional support via email or telephone is provided.

Topics Include:

  1. Basic Concepts of Chi Energy.
  2. The Mind Within The Body.
  3. Chakra System Overview.
  4. Yoga – Chakra Meridian Therapy.
  5. Toning – Sound Therapy.
  6. The Science of Breathing.
  7. Mantra Meditation Practice.
  8. Mind Your Thoughts.
  9. Daily Mindfulness Exercises.

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