Integrative Healing Treatment

with Karen

Healing Work-Space

About The Work

Healing is a spiritual energy system that facilitates the reorganization and balancing of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of an individual's being so that one may come back into alignment with their spiritual essence.

Integrating craniosacral therapy and other therapeutic shamanic healing approaches, Karen works to clear unhealthy and blocked energies, release old patterns of holding tension, charge depleted areas, and repair distorted patterns to maximize the overall health of an individual's being.

As a healing session progresses, an individual moves into a brain wave pattern that promotes healing. Some experience physical releases such as twitching, tingling, pulsations, pain, popping sounds and changes in breathing. Others experience emotional releases such as crying, laughing, feeling angry or feeling sad. Then there are some that go to sleep and have visions similar to meditation where they receive information relevant to their lives.

Nearly everyone feels centered and more balanced after the first session. However, this may not be the case as this work deepens. Whatever physical, mental or emotional experiences one may have during and between subsequent sessions is what is needed for their healing and is in harmony with all other healing modalities, including conventional medicine.

About The Appointment

A commitment to this healing process is required. Please contact Karen to schedule an interview (by phone or in person) so that we may discuss your healing goals and preparation work.

As this healing process unfolds and as balance is restored, most report experiencing beneficial changes in all aspects of their lives. Each individual is responsible for their own healing and changes will occur when one is ready to allow them. Some may require less time, while others may require more. The recommended process is four consecutive weekly sessions, followed with two biweekly sessions for two consecutive months. Thereafter, it is up to the individual.

There may be a waiting period before an appointment can be scheduled.


  1. Initial 4 Sessions: $175.00 per session.
  2. Subsequent Sessions: $150.00 per session.
  3. $100.00 discount is provided for 8 sessions paid in full.

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