Newly Hatched Goslings

Newly Hatched Goslings making first appearance

Molly and Sir Goose returned to their annual nesting site. My roof was the initial place selected, but I opted to persuade Molly to relocate to the ground. She opted to follow my lead and chose the basement window well as her new nesting site. The wall of my house provided safety for one side, and the Grandmother walnut tree along with the ferns provided seclusion. Plus, no eggs would be rolling off the roof this time!

Unlike previous years, I was able to capture an image of each newly hatched gosling as each one appeared from under their mother. The one at the top of her wing was the first little head to spring up from down under. About one hour later, the second head emerged. The third gosling took his/her time and was the last to arrive belly up from under her tail feathers by the fern.