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Just like humans, animals are individuals with unique personalities and feelings that also suffer from a variety of mental, emotional and physical conditions. Our pets do communicate their thoughts and feelings. However, understanding their communications requires learning how to listen in another way, which can be easier said than done.

Stress of any kind can have a profound impact on our pet's psychological makeup that can lead to more serious illness and disease, especially when combined with poor quality foods. Additionally, their survival nature enables them to mask or hide a serious condition for years. Therefore, it is imperative for a caretaker to be extremely proactive and address any symptom their pet may demonstrate in order to protect their longevity.

Karen's hands-on pet healing works with the very same principles employed for humans (See Individual Healing for more information.) However and unlike humans, animals do not have the same defense mechanisms in place. They are highly sensitive creatures that tend to respond quite well to energy healing therapies.

Session duration varies and depends on your pet along with the type of stress, injury or trauma. Animals not suffering from serious conditions will usually end a session after their needs have been met. There are also situations when the session will close when I feel an animal has received enough and needs time to process. Multiple stops and starts are common for high strung or nervous animals in the beginning.


  1. In-home visits: $75.00.
  2. Additional fee for distance travel may apply.

Global Pet Health Consultations

Most pet health conditions are a direct result of commercial foods and conventional drugs. Food is the best medicine for human and critter. Numerous health conditions can be treated or reversed via proper healing support and nutrition. The key is knowing what foods and supplements to feed or add to our pet's commercially prepared diet.

Fee: $125.00. Medical records with blood test results and current photograph of your pet required. We will discuss your pet's current diet and any health conditions. Nutritional recommendations along with follow-up support will be provided via phone and email. Please contact Karen for additional information.

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